Free Stock Photos

Free Stock PhotosSometimes is difficult to obtain free stock photos, all media creators protect his work under copyright , but sometimes if you have a blog or a non commercial web is a big effort to pay for images or vectors to illustrate your post.

Then you have one possibility, being illegal and stealth some images from other webs, or be a good boy and locate free stock photos.

Why Free Stock Photos?

Sometimes professional or amateur photographer , who want to be in business, offer some of his photos for free or low resolution images for free. What’s better? You allow other have access to your images and they show your work to the world.

In my particular case, I offer free low resolution images in my own stock photo service, but if you want a bigger image with more resolution, you only need to pay a very small fee.

If you are a photographer and want to sell your photos in my web, or want to advertise my web, contact me, we shall meet a agreement.

Remember visit my stock photo service at : Garajelab.con/Store

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